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    人教版(PEP)小學英語六年級下冊Unit 2 Last weekend Part B 同步練習 下載本文

    人教版(PEP)小學英語六年級下冊Unit 2 Last weekend Part B 同步練習

    姓名:________ 班級:________ 成績:________


    一、 選詞填空。 (共1題;共1分)

    1. (1分)The cap is pretty, _______(but/ and ) it's too small.

    二、 單項選擇。 (共5題;共10分)

    2. (2分)Excuse ________.( ) A . I B . me C . my

    3. (2分)—What's your favourite activity in PE lessons? —

    A . I like PE.

    B . I can play football. C . I like playing basketball. 4. (2分)我喜歡我的風箏。它是美的。

    A . I like my kites. It's nice. B . I like my bicycle. It's super. 5. (2分)Look! There are _______children playing games. A . a lots of

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    B . many C . lot of

    6. (2分)It's 11:38. It reads as_______. A . thirty-eight eleven B . eleven thirty-eight C . twenty-two to eleven

    三、 用括號里詞的適當形式填空。 (共5題;共10分)

    7. (1分)I can see something looking _______(up) at me. 8. (6分)排一排。

    _______A. It's half past twelve. Time for lunch.

    _______B. What would you like?

    _______C. OK! Let's make some. Can you help me?

    _______D. What time is it?

    _______E. I would like some dumplings.

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    _______F. Sure.

    9. (1分)The children _______ (have) a very interesting day yesterday. 10. (1分)I did my homework and I _______ (do) other things.

    11. (1分) A: What did she do on Saturday? B: _______

    四、 看圖,填入所缺單詞,補全句子。 (共5題;共19分)

    12. (5分)選出正確應答語。

    ⑴Where is my ruler? _______ A. I'm from America.

    ⑵Is your pencil box on the desk?_______ B. He's Mr. Jones.

    ⑶Where is my cap?_______ C. It's in your pencil box.

    ⑷Where are you from?_______ D. Oh, yes!

    ⑸Who's that man?_______ E. It's in the toy box

    13. (1分)—Is it rainy today? —_______

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    14. (3分)—How_______(do)he_______(spend)his weekends? —He often_______(watch)cartoons. 15. (6分)選擇相對應的答句

    ⑴Will you be a PE teacher ?_______ A. He is my cousin.



    man?_______ give her a card.


    dress?_______ C. The long one.


    thirsty?_______ Yes, he is.

    ⑸Is he in his bedroom?_______ Yes, I will.

    ⑹What will you do for your mother?_______ 16. (4分)句子仿寫。


    —Do you want some rice? —Yes, please.

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    B. I will you

    D. E. F. No, I'm not.